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As a creative type, I try to create a consistent amount of work each month, which I usually put out into the world for free. A lot of people out there have asked me how you can support my work, and I’ve set up a bunch of ways that you can do that. Behold the options!

  • Make a one time donation by following the directions on the bottom of this page.
  • Support me on Patreon (see link in the sidebar)
  • Become a subscriber of my work and get rewards and STUFF every month!

There’s also the Lifetime Subscriber option but that’s for like super-premium people.

Becoming a Subscriber

There are currently two subscription options! Check out the information below:

Early Bird Subscriber

Early access to all of my videos, comics, and books. Find out more

Premium Subscriber

Monthly art prints, zines, and copies of my books (including my back catalogue). Find out more

Lifetime Supporter

For super premium supporters. Get I everything I ever make as soon as it comes out, for the rest of forever, and only pay one up front cost. Find out more

Make a one-time donation

To make a one-time donation, click the donate button below!  🙂 You can also use this to make a monthly donation as well, if you don’t like the £5 or £10 options listed above, but you won’t get any of the funky rewards..

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