Life Is Beautiful – The first four pages of a brand new graphic novel


I’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for a while now, and I’ve finally started actually illustrating it. This is Life is beautiful, a new graphic novel set after the end of the world. The apocalypsehas happened and zombies have taken over the world. One zombie wonders what the point of it all is, and makes a discovery that changes the world. It’s set in Birmingham, UK, because I love that city and it felt like the perfect backdrop for a post-apocalyptic disaster comic! You can read the first four pages by clicking on the link below. This will be published as a graphic novel in 2019, and I’m excited about what you guys will think about it. (PS, the above image is the cover of the comic, but it’s not completely finished yet! I love me some work in progress things :3

Read the First Four Pages Here

Powerpuff Girls VS Batman is finally done!

Two years ago, I was having a fairly typical conversation about who would win in a fight between superheroes. Out of nowhere, I came out with a question that grew into a much larger scale project: Who would win in a fight between Batman and the Powerpuff Girls?

From that, I started working on the script, and then the comic itself, and 50 pages later, it’s completely finished and available to read, for free, online:


Click here to read the full comic!


Llamas in Pajamas Preorder

If you’ve been following the madness going on over on my Facebook page, you may have noticed my new book – The Book of Llama – is now available to preorder. This is the first collection of Llamas in Pajamas and I’m a little bit excited about it *cough*understatement*cough*.

Here is an obligitory place where you can buy the thing:


I am, as always, fantastic at marketing.

So yeah, that happened. There was a whole Kickstarter about it, but the Kickstarter didn’t fund, which is okay because I learnt a LOT from it. It was an extremely fun experience as well, because I connected with some really funny people who gave me a lot of really good advice about making comics. I also had a great time making the things for the Kickstarter, and it’s stuff I can use for future promotional material, so it’s really hard to see the Kickstarter as a failure. People keep apologising to me because it didn’t fund, but honestly I’m just exceptionally grateful to all the people who shared it and took a chance on me and this project!

So the preorder is up instead, which has actually gone extraordinarily well. I broke my 24 hour target in about 5 hours. No, seriously. I didn’t anticipate how many people would actually want this book until I put it up for sale.

The next steps are pretty straight forward, and I’ve done most of them already. I’m currently waiting on the final proof copy of the book, which should arrive this week – and once that’s been cleared, all I need to do is hit an “Approve” button and people can start buying the books directly from Amazon. I’ve got to get the preorders sent out to people before that, and that should only take me a day or so. So, yeah, it’s all been pretty straight forward! Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together?

On a similar note, check out the new website design! It’s different. I’m currently a major identity shift in terms of my art and business, and thse shifts tend to come with a change in website design. I’m not sure why. In any case, here it is! Ta da!

That’s all I have to say about that, it’s 4am and I should probably do the whole sleeping thing 🙂

Until next time!




Printing, printing, printing…

My Kickstarter ended a little over two weeks ago, and since it was rather successful, I’ve had a busy couple of months. Namely, I’ve been a busy bee getting the files ready to print. This has been an enormous learning curve for me – making sure the files are print ready isn’t something I have a lot of experience with, but I’m lucky I’m working with a very patient and helpful bunch over at Stones Ashford Ltd. I’ve had about 500 questions, but they’ve answered them without issue which has been extremely helpful!

I’ve also added the preorder to the new and improved Book Shop so if you want to grab a copy go right ahead and reserve yours. !

It’s gonna take me a while longer to get the book sent out – it’s still going back and forth between me edting it, thinking its fine, and then having Patrick check it and find more things to change. It’s the joys of self publishing while being dyslexic – you can check something 100 times but miss the glaringly obvious error, and then 101st time it jumps out at you like a glow in the dark tiger.

But it is coming! More updates to come…

Llamas in Pajamas Zine!

I’ve also been working on a couple of things Llamas in Pajamas related – namely I’ve just released the first Llamas in Pajamas zine. It’s an 18 page booklet with remastered versions of the first few Llamas in Pajamas comics that were released around a year ago. It’s something I wish I had when I was at the convention last month, basically to have something Llamas in Pajamas related that I could sell! They look great and I’ve already sold a handful online, I’ve got copies going to America, Australia, Europe, and of course in the UK. Knowing that Llamas in Pajamas is an internationally liked comic puts a giant smile on my face! 😀

There are more Llamas in Pajamas things in the works, but they’re a secret for now. Until then, enjoy the zine and I’ll catch up with you all soon!

Love you like an octopus!

Sarah x

Love You Lots Like Polkadots – The Kickstarter is Coming!

UPDATE: We did it! The book funded in just 14 hours and reached its first stretch goal of £1000 by the 24 hour mark 😀 I’m blown away by the success! Thank you!

Love You Lots Like Polkadots is my first fully illustrated Children’s Book. It has been available as a PDF for over a year, but I’m finally making the step to getting it put into print. To do that, I’m launching a kickstarter on the 28th February and I would love it if you would be a part of it.

This is a 36 page, fully illustrated, beautiful vibrant children’s book about love. My target goal is £600 – this allows me to print out 50 copies of the book, including the cost of shipping the book and other rewards to each location. £600 is the minimum amount needed to get the minimum number of books printed and shipped.

What rewards are there?

Of course on kickstarter you don’t just donate money with no payback! Here are some fantastic rewards that you can expect to see:

  • Digital copies of the book, and the digital colouring book,
  • Your name in the book
  • Signed copies of the book,
  • Copies of the book with illustrated inside covers,
  • Fully illustrated, handwritten thank you letters
  • Much more!

I’m also planning some fantastic stretch goals in case we smash through the above target. I can’t give too much information about these yet as I am still working out cost, but I’m excited about the possibility of reaching them!

Tell me about the book!

I originally wrote this book as a silly little poem for my boyfriend. It was three stanzas long but he loved it and encouraged me to share it online with my followers. I got fantastic feedback from there, and I was encouraged to make the poem longer and then illustrate it as a Children’s Book.

What it evolved into was a magical full colour PDF that has been available as a downloadable file on my website for some time. And it had a beautiful reaction; people messaged me saying their children loved the book and they would quote it at each other. They were requesting multiple rereadings of the book, and would join in on their favourite pages. It was bringing parent and child closer together, and I knew then that the book had to be brought into print.

What followed was a year long journey learning about self publishing. I’ve always wanted to self publish children’s books – it’s been my dream ever since I was a kid – but I had no idea how to do it. But I found a fantastic publisher who helped me edit the files, and I finally got the proof copy in my hands shortly into February this year.

The print copy is coming and I can’t wait

I can’t quite explain how much it means to me to finally see the end of this project in sight. I absolutely adore this book, I love reading peoples reactions to it, seeing the smiles it puts on peoples faces, and hearing small children shout “Love you loads like BIG EXPLODES!” at each other genuinely makes my day.

I hope I have convinced you to jump on board with us on this project. I’ve got a whole bunch of work to do in between now and the 28th when the Kickstarter launches, but I absolutely can’t wait for the day to come! Come and join me, and we’ll get this book in PRINT!

See you on the 28th!

Sarah xx

(PS: Love you most like a spooky ghost!)

Cards for Cancer – A new project raising money for Matt

Jump straight to the shop and purchase your Christmas Cards now.

Almost two years ago, my brother Matt was diagnosed with a rare form of Kidney Cancer. Recently, he has had life-saving surgery on his spine to remove a tumour and help strengthen the bone. It’s going to take a while for him to get walking again, and so he’s currently getting about in a wheelchair. It also means my family are having to rearrange their house, and their routine, in order to properly care for him while he recovers.

In order to help them adjust to their new routine (which includes some of my family being out of work) I am creating several Christmas Cards to sell as a pack and all of the profits will go to my family’s care fund. I’m going to make 5 unique Christmas Cards and sell them in packs of 10 and 20.

Snapshot of one of the designs

 Where does the money go?

You may be thinking, “This is England, we have the NHS, what do you need extra money for?!” Well, the truth of it is, while Matt’s treatment is free under the NHS, that doesn’t take into account other expenses that affect Matt and my family. For example, hospital car parking spaces are a small fortune (it’s not uncommon to spend £10 on one day’s car parking charge). Matt regularly gets treated at the Christie’s Hospital – a specialist cancer center in Manchester. We live nowhere near Manchester, so my parents get a hotel when they stay. Then there’s the cost of petrol, food while out. Let’s just say it all adds up!

Cost Breakdown

I recently made some Christmas Cards for my webcomic Llamas in Pajamas, and I was happy with the quality of these and so have decided to use the same printer for these cards. The 50 cards I purchased previously came to £42. This works out at .84p per card, so selling each card at £1.84 (or a pack of 10 at £18.40) works out at £1 per card going towards the fund. ALL of the profits of this card will be going towards the fund, so you can be assured that most of your money will be spent on Matt!

All of the card designs.

Get the Preorder

At this moment in time, the cards have not been printed BUT you can purchase the cards as a preorder. The cards themselves will be printed in the next few weeks, and you will likely receive your cards mid-October if purchased as a preorder. Purchasing the preorder would be an ENORMOUS help. Without any preorders, I would have to purchase the cards out of my own pocket, and I would have no idea how many cards I need to make for my first bulk order. Also, with preorders, I can show the printers how many I am going to be selling, so they know I’ll be ordering many cards, and due to it being for a good cause, I may be able to convince them to give me a discount. This all means more money to the cause, which is, at the end of the day, the most important thing.

Preorder the cards as a pack of TEN.

Preorder the cards as a pack of TWENTY.

View the (brand new) shop.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE UK: The last date for international shipping is the 3rd December. If you want your cards guaranteed to be with you for before Christmas, I recommend purchasing them early November at the latest or you will not receive your cards in time!!

My family and my brothers fiancée Gemma with her parents, the day Matt was released from hospital. From left to right: My mum, Alan (top), Me (bottom), Yvette, Gemma (top), my dad (bottom), and Matt.

Batman vs The Powerpuff Girls

Earlier this week, I asked the Internet “Who would win in a fight between Batman and the Powerpuff Girls?” and got some rather glorious responses. The question has burned into my mind and now I’m doing terrible, terrible things that I shouldn’t be doing because I have about 50 projects I should be working on, including my Open University course, and procrastination isn’t a good idea.

Except it is because it means I create things like this.



And I know, I shouldn’t be working on new projects because I’m still working on Space Bunnies in Space, Chapter one of that hasn’t been drawn yet, and I have a bunch of commissions to do, as well as deadlines I want to meet by early next year, but… This is fun and silly and lighthearted. And it’s helping me destress. And yes, I’ve written a semi-complete script. And yes, technically I DO have the time to finish it if I just prioritise properly.

In other words, I should stop writing and get back to drawing because once this thing is finished I will be a happy.