Video – Why I quit being a full time artist

About 3 months ago I made the difficult decision to go back to full time work. It sucked, to be honest, if I had my way I would 100% do this full time, but making money so we could pursue other dreams became more important than full time arting. My mental health has pretty much collapsed recently since I started the job, and I’m struggling, and this video talks a little bit about that, and why it was a hard decision, and in the meantime I draw an angel. Pretty simple digital piece, but there we go.

To be Heard

On Facebook, I class myself as a musician. The problem is, though, that I rarely actually post any songs. I can make excuses and say it’s because the songs aren’t finished yet but, If I’m honest, the main reason is because recording myself really scares me.

My album is called The Invisible Girl because, aside from the fact that’s the name of a song on the album, I struggle immensely with an urge to disappear into the background, hide into a corner and not draw attention to myself. Recording music, uploading it to YouTube and then sharing it with the masses is much scarier than posting a poem or an illustration.

I want to share my music and my poems and my illustrations and stories and all of the things that come out of my odd little brain because that’s what I DO. Making music and art and poems and stories is just who I am, and sharing it is like a natural extension of that.

Anyway, about the song – I wrote it about an hour before I posted it on Facebook and spent ages trying to record it, wibbling out and then getting fed up and recording it out of frustration of being so bloody sick of being scared of posting it.