Supporting My Art

There are a couple of ways you can support me and help me keep my art habit going. First of all, and probably the most common one, is buying something from my shop! I have a range of items from art prints to books that would look fantastic on your walls or in your bookshelf.



The second most common way to support me is by supporting me on Patreon. Patreon is a subscription service where you can “pledge” an amount of money a month, from as

little as £1, and get cool rewards such as early bird previews to my comics, and at higher tiers, monthly art through the post.

The third way is by making a one time donation, either through PayPal or through a site called Ko-Fi. These methods are 100% donation based, there are no rewards, but it is a great way to make a one time donation without committing to anything. People chose this method if they feel they want to give back to my art, or as a way to say thank you.

There is no obligation at all to support my art, these options are just there for anyone who wants to 🙂 You’re more than welcome to be a fan of my art without ever giving me a penny, and I’m extremely grateful to everyone who enjoys looking at the silly and strange works that I do!